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The most commonly used solar technologies for are solar water heating, passive solar design for space heating and cooling, and solar photovoltaics for electricity.

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Wind is a clean energy resource that can generate enough electricity to power millions of homes and businesses.

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Biomass is plant matter such as trees, grasses, agricultural crops or other biological material.

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Geothermal energy captures the heat that lies beneath the earth's surface in several ways.

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Of the renewable energy sources that generate electricity, hydropower is the most often used.


careersFew industries are guaranteed such fast global growth as Renewable Energy. As issues such as climate change and the exhaustion of global oil reserves threaten availability of Energy services which impacts the wider Corporate, Political and Public sectors.

The accelerating demand for skilled personnel in the Renewable Energy industries has led to online job sites that offer a platform where such opportunities can be advertised to a global audience of industry Professionals in all disciplines.

Please click the link below to review one of the Premier Renewable Energy Jobs sites to evaluate your career opportunities in this exciting field.




The Electricity/Renewable Energy market in the U.S. is projected to grow $276 billion over next 10 years and an upward trend to include Renewable Energy Technologies in new construction or retrofit projects, both residential and commercial continues. Within the North American business community, Solar, Electric, Wind Generation, BioMass, Geothermal and HydroPower Technologies are seeing the largest increase in the Renewable Energies sectors. 

Please click the links below to research the Renewable Energy Installation packages currently available in these Technologies.


There is a broad spectrum of Green Products for Commercial, Home and Office use currently available to the Environmentally conscious consumer. Please click on the links listed below to explore the options.


Targeted training is available in most all sectors of Renewable Energy from a variety of Government and third party providers. Please follow the link provided to obtain the training information and education options that is currently offered in Renewable Energies.



There is a wide variety of Certifications in Renewable Energy Technologies that are currently available. These are provided by Member Organizations that are affiliated with Federal and State and local governments as well as independent Renewable Energy Organizations. Please follow the link provided to learn more about these opportunities.



USGBC is a non-profit consortium of building professionals and firms that certify Projects as Energy and Environmentally conscientious through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program.

LEED™ certified buildings can reduce operating costs by 50%, improve performance, productivity, and Health of occupants with construction costs comparable to standard projects. Our firm is a member of the USGBC and can Manage a LEED™ Project for our Client, ensuring success and Capital Investment savings by working closely with the Client, Design Engineers and Project Contractors. To learn more about the USGBC or
become a member click the link below.


grantsincentThis page presents links to available Federal, State and Municipal Grants and Incentive programs, financing institutions, and lending agencies that can help finance Renewable Energy Systems and/or Energy efficient home improvements and Commercial Renewable Energy Projects. Please click on the links below:



Renewable Energy Tomorrow is a Renewable Energy Consulting firm offering our clients expertise and Project Management resources for executing Renewable and Alternative Energy Projects.

  • The Company is committed to providing solutions for communities that make economic and environmental sense – understanding that each community presents different waste management, economic, and regulatory challenges. RET is a results driven Company that develops solutions and implements them quickly. Key elements of a project – Site Location, Economic Considerations, Technology, Regulatory and Political Environment – are thoroughly examined to determine the best solution. Engaging community concerns at inception creates constructive dialog, effective planning and alignment of public and private interests.
  • RET and a renowned Project Management team is uniquely poised in the Renewable Energy sector to assist our clients with imaginative and productive solutions for Renewable Energy Systems.

Joseph Visek, President and CEO of Renewable Energy Tomorrow along with partnering Consultants has a proven track record in Project Management on a variety of high dollar Commercial Construction Projects related to Renewable Energy. As part of his team are dedicated Consultants that possess numerous years of experience in all phases of Industrial and Commercial Project development, Project Management, Permitting, Design Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Management.

Our Projects range in size, complexity and diversity. They include Construction Management of High Tech Manufacturing facilities, Large Casino Resort Complexes, Federal, State and Municipal Projects in the Southwest United States. We possess all the expertise and background in MEP Construction, Design Build, Automation and Integration required to Construct the Energy Centers, Renewable Energy Equipment to support the Central Plants that provide a vast Array of power to these facilities.


ebooksnewslettersThe Renewable Energy E-Books and Newsletters provide a range of resources for your consideration, which will enable you to generate your own fuel or electricity and make key decisions on which type of resource you would like to utilize. Apart from allowing you to start building some independence from other suppliers, developing you own renewable energy supply will reduce your emissions, and it is a great alternative to open the minds and educate our children in Green Energy solutions.

These books are a reasonably priced resource on renewable technologies and clean energy alternatives. Please follow the links below to investigate these Renewable Energy alternatives:


projectconsultingProject Management Consulting is a proven method which combines the project phases of pre-design, design, construction and occupancy into a series of critical scheduled tasks. This will frequently bring together the Owner, Designer and Construction Manager in an interactive relationship and will allow the Owner to participate in the construction process. With the tendency now towards Design Build schemes of construction there may be many partners and participants involved in the process. RenewableEnergyTomorrow has the experience and expertise to ensure that a smooth operating relationship is formed so as not to impede the progress of the project as can so often happen. In addition to the traditional design and build, with one general contractor approach, there is the option of the fast-tracked, multi-packaged approach. Fast-tracking allows the acceleration of the project duration by the overlapping of the design and construction activities. Whichever method is appropriate for a particular project, We have the experience and resources to ensure the delivery of a project that is on time and within budget.


To deliver an operational project that meets goals while providing owners with the targeted financial returns, in the shortest possible time.


  • Independent evaluations of costs, schedules and overall construction performance
  • Full-time coordination between design and construction
  • Minimum project duration and greater competition between contractors and subcontractors by using the fast-tracked, multi-packaging approach
  • Claims avoidance


The following are the services offered by our firm for complete Project Management Consulting Services, the various components of Project Management Consulting may be utilized separately depending on the requirements of the specific client and project.


To maximize opportunities to save cost and time, and to ensure delivery of intended quality, a project must be reviewed and analyzed during its very early phases. As the project progresses into the construction phase, the cost of introducing changes to correct conceptual flaws can increase dramatically.


The construction stage of a project combines both phases, pre-design and design, while drawings and specifications are converted to reality. To accomplish this, a massive coordination of building resources is required. Labor, equipment, materials, technical expertise, time and financing must be integrated into a single smooth running operation to guarantee that the project is completed on time, within budget and in accordance with the level of quality specified by the Design Engineer’s and required by the Owner.


With the completion of the construction phase of a project, the occupancy, commissioning and operations and maintenance begin. This particular phase of the project is often neglected however executing this final phase of project management will ensure a successful turnover and the initial, smooth operation of the facility.


  • Prepare Energy Equipment Procurement Proposals to allow the Client to competitively procure equipment and materials for their Renewable Energy Projects, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Energy Sourcing Design Services- Develop Economic and Technical comparisons of utilizing alternative sources of energy for Boilers, Chillers, Compressors, and Electrical Power.


  • Savings Calculation and Technical Approach validation services- helps owners validate the accuracy of Project savings claims.
  • Measurement and Verification Services- Review of vendor proposals to ensure accuracy of energy saving claims, conduct pre and post installation inspections and design compliance.
  • Assistance during due diligence phase of property search. Renewable Energy Tomorrow may be able to add some energy saving Value Engineering ideas which can be used to leverage more owner funded build-out during contract negotiations.
  • Coordination between disciplines, and project groups to ensure integrity of energy efficient designs from design development to commissioning.
globalenergyclearRenewable Energy Systems will meet the demand for Clean Power for all consumers now and in the future.

Utilizing Solar, Wind, BioMass, Hydropower and Geothermal Technologies to provide power for our Planet is a necessity. These alternatives deliver a Clean, Green and regenerative power source that is Flexible, Efficient and Cost Effective and is the primary choice to fulfill current and Future needs for power in the United States and abroad.

The current Technologies can be quickly constructed and brought online in remote areas as well as major Metropolitan areas to fulfill complete demand or supplement the existing power generation needs of rapidly growing communities throughout the World. The return on investment (ROI) is almost immediate when constructing one of these systems for your Community.

The availability of Alternative Renewable Energy systems power generation packages has expanded greatly in recent years with many packages available and has made the Construction phase short, painless and cost effective.

Our Mission is Simple. We will strive to match our Client with all the necessary Design criteria; knowledge and Construction expertise to build and select an Energy System that meets their specific Power Requirements and allows for future expansion and capacity increase.

There are many current initiatives available for financial assistance using Federal, State and Municipal Government’s as your Project Partner.

It would be our pleasure to discuss your specific project with you today and provide valuable Consulting Services to you to Plan and Execute your Renewable Energy Project.